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Surfing Tiki Ornament

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Inject some island spirit into your holiday decor with our "Surfing Tiki Ornament." This unique ornament brings a touch of Hawaiian surf culture to your Christmas celebrations, featuring a whimsically designed tiki character riding the waves. It's an ideal blend of traditional Polynesian art and festive fun, making it a standout piece in any holiday decoration collection.

Crafted from durable polyresin, this ornament is hand-painted with attention to detail, highlighting vibrant colors and intricate designs that capture the essence of both the tiki and surfing themes. Measuring approximately 3 inches by 2 inches, it fits beautifully on both large and small Christmas trees, as well as on garlands or as part of a holiday centerpiece.

Each Surfing Tiki Ornament comes with a string for easy hanging, allowing you to quickly place it on your tree or gift it without the need for additional preparation. This ornament is not just a decoration; it's a celebration of Hawaiian culture and the joyous surf lifestyle, making it a perfect gift for surf enthusiasts, tiki collectors, or anyone who loves a tropical twist on their holiday decor.

Ideal for those looking to bring a bit of the beach to their winter festivities, the Surfing Tiki Ornament serves as a fun reminder of sunny days and ocean waves, even during the chilly holiday season. Add this playful ornament to your Christmas tree and let it bring smiles and warmth to your holiday gatherings, spreading the Aloha spirit in every corner of your home.

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Surfing Tiki Ornament

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