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Natural 1" Helmet


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Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii with our "Natural 1" Helmet," a miniature replica of the traditional Ikaika warrior helmets. These helmets were historically worn by ancient Hawaiian warriors during battles and now serve as a powerful symbol of strength and protection.

Each helmet is carefully crafted with real feathers, adding an authentic touch that honors the original craftsmanship. The size of the coconut used in each piece may vary slightly, highlighting the unique, handmade nature of these collectibles. Measuring just 1 inch, this helmet is the perfect size for display and can easily be hung on your car's rearview mirror with the included cord.

Not only is the Natural 1" Helmet a striking piece of decor, but it also serves as a conversation starter and a testament to the warrior spirit embodied in traditional Hawaiian culture. Its presence in your car or home can offer a sense of courage and history, making it more than just an ornament—it's a keepsake that connects you to the islands' storied past.

Ideal for anyone fascinated by Hawaiian history or seeking a meaningful souvenir, this helmet is a thoughtful gift for loved ones or for yourself. Whether it's hung in your car, at home, or in the office, the Natural 1" Helmet brings a touch of Hawaii’s warrior spirit into your daily life.

Natural 1" Helmet

  • Natural 1" Helmet

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