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Mermaid Life Tape


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Dive into a sea of creativity with our "Mermaid Life Tape," a delightful addition to any craft lover's toolkit. This set of three Washi tapes is inspired by the enchanting world of mermaids, designed to bring a touch of magic and whimsy to your DIY projects.

Each set includes tapes of varying widths—5 mm, 10 mm, and 15 mm—making it versatile for different crafting needs. Whether you're framing photos in a scrapbook, adorning calendars, or personalizing everyday items, these tapes provide a perfect mix of sizes for detailed work and bold statements. Each roll extends to 10 yards, offering ample tape for extensive decorative projects.

The Mermaid Life Tape features beautiful designs that capture the essence of mermaid legends and oceanic adventures. The patterns are infused with elements typical of a mermaid’s life—waves, scales, and mystical motifs—all in soothing blues and iridescent greens that evoke the serene beauty of the sea.

This Washi tape is made from high-quality paper that tears easily, sticks firmly, and peels off without damaging surfaces. It's ideal for temporary decorations for parties or permanent additions to personal items that need a splash of character.

Perfect for crafting enthusiasts of all ages, the Mermaid Life Tape makes a fantastic gift for anyone enchanted by mermaids or looking to add a little aloha spirit to their craft projects. Use this tape to enhance your next crafting session, and let the Mermaid Life Tape inspire stories and projects as deep and captivating as the sea itself.

Mermaid Life Tape

  • Mermaid Life Tape

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