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Maui Pineapple Magnet


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Brighten your kitchen, office, or any metal surface with our Maui Pineapple Magnet. This delightful wooden magnet, measuring 2.2 inches by 3 inches, features a beautifully crafted pineapple, a universal symbol of hospitality and one of the iconic fruits associated with the Hawaiian Islands.

Crafted from high-quality wood, this magnet not only offers a robust and durable way to organize notes and reminders but also serves as a charming piece of decor. The detailed pineapple design evokes the lush, tropical landscapes of Maui, bringing a slice of island paradise right into your home or workplace.

Ideal for anyone who loves the sweet flavors and warm spirit of Hawaii, the Maui Pineapple Magnet makes a great addition to any refrigerator or file cabinet. Whether you’re a collector of tropical-themed items or looking for a unique souvenir to remind you of your Hawaiian adventures, this magnet captures the essence of Maui with a touch of whimsical style.

Perfect as a gift for friends and family or as a treat for yourself, this magnet is a simple yet delightful way to add a bit of tropical flair to any setting. Let the Maui Pineapple Magnet remind you of sunny days, sandy beaches, and the refreshing taste of island life every time you see it. It's a wonderful way to bring a little aloha to your daily routine.

Maui Pineapple Magnet

  • Maui Pineapple Magnet

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