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Hang Loose Medallion Shot Glass


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Celebrate the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle with the "Hang Loose Medallion Shot Glass," a stylish and iconic piece perfect for any collection or party. This shot glass captures the essence of island relaxation and friendship, making it an excellent addition to your home bar or as a gift for friends and family who appreciate the Aloha spirit.

Constructed from high-quality glass, this shot glass is durable and designed to last. It holds 2 fluid ounces, ideal for savoring your favorite spirits. The featured medallion is intricately designed with the "Hang Loose" symbol, also known as the "Shaka" sign, which is a well-loved gesture in Hawaii that conveys the universal vibes of goodwill and camaraderie.

This shot glass is not just for drinking but also serves as a piece of art that reflects Hawaiian culture and hospitality. It's perfect for use at Hawaiian-themed parties, as a souvenir to remember your travels, or as a standout piece in a shot glass collection.

Whether used to toast special occasions or displayed alongside other collectibles, the Hang Loose Medallion Shot Glass is more than a drinking accessory—it's a reminder to relax and enjoy life's moments, making it a must-have for anyone who loves or dreams of the Hawaiian islands. Its blend of functionality and cultural expression makes it a cherished item for both locals and visitors alike.

Hang Loose Medallion Shot Glass

  • Hang Loose Medallion Shot Glass

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