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Hang Loose Magnet Clip


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Infuse your daily organization with a touch of Hawaiian spirit using the Hang Loose Magnet Clip. This versatile magnet clip, measuring 2 inches by 1.25 inches, is crafted from durable metal and features a magnetic backing that sticks firmly to any metal surface, including fridges and file cabinets.

Designed to bring the laid-back vibes of the islands into any setting, the Hang Loose Magnet Clip is adorned with the iconic “Shaka” sign, a symbol of friendship and local Hawaiian culture that translates universally as a gesture of "hang loose" or relaxation. This makes the clip not only a practical tool for holding papers, photos, or reminders but also a decorative piece that adds a playful element to your decor.

Easy to handle and use, this magnet clip is ideal for anyone looking to organize their space with a bit of island flair. Whether at home or in the office, it serves as a functional reminder to stay relaxed and positive, no matter the pressures of the day.

Perfect as a gift for a lover of Hawaiian culture or as an addition to your own collection, the Hang Loose Magnet Clip is sure to delight with its functionality and charm. Bring a little aloha to your day with this unique and useful accessory that captures the essence of Hawaiian hospitality and style.

Hang Loose Magnet Clip

  • Hang Loose Magnet Clip

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