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Army Medallion Shot Glass


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The Army Medallion Shot Glass is a perfect way to honor the bravery and service of our Army personnel. This distinctive shot glass not only serves as a functional drinking accessory but also as a commemorative piece that celebrates military valor and dedication.

Crafted from premium glass, this robust shot glass holds 2 fluid ounces and is designed to withstand the test of time. It features a prominently displayed Army medallion, intricately detailed and embossed to showcase the proud insignia of the U.S. Army. The medallion is a symbol of strength and commitment, making this shot glass a meaningful item for anyone connected to or respecting the military.

Ideal for use in toasts at veteran gatherings, military events, or personal celebrations, this shot glass allows you to salute the exceptional men and women who have served or are currently serving. It's also a popular collector's item for those who gather military memorabilia or want to add a unique piece to their barware collection.

The Army Medallion Shot Glass makes a thoughtful gift for active service members, veterans, or military families. It's a way to show appreciation and pride for their commitment and sacrifices. Whether displayed on a shelf or used during special occasions, this shot glass is more than just a vessel for beverages—it's a keepsake that carries deep personal and national significance.

Army Medallion Shot Glass

  • Army Medallion Shot Glass
  • Army Medallion Shot Glass

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